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Silicon keyboard are difficult to clean. Compared with silicon, the glass is the best solution to achieve optimal disinfection because of its smooth surface.


According to the « Sinner Circle » written on 1959 by the german Doctor Herbert Sinner, to achieve optimal sterile conditions the 4 procedures consolidated in the Sinner circle should be jointly implemented.


  • The chemical procedure: The method and the product to be used depends on the nature of the contamination.
  • The mechanical procedure (using friction): makes it possible resuspend dirt in order to eliminate it. It improves the efficiency of detergents.
  • Procédure time: time needed for the detergent to react with the dirt to dislodge it or for a disinfectant to render an organism inactive.
  • The temperature increases in action of chimical products


It is clear that the mechanical action could be only efficient on a smooth surface, like glass...


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