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Designed to professional use , the TACTYS keyboards offer a lot of features and unique properties.


TAPTOP function make the typing easier. TapTop target the good key even if the finger placement is approximative.


Typing on a plane surface can be tricky because you don't feel the mechanical sensation of pushing the key. An adjustable signal tone indicate the keystroke. Sometimes, even on a standard keyboard, the finger strikes two keys together and thus two characters are wrote on the screen. With TapTop function, the keyboard corrects those mistakes and provides a fluent and convenient typing.

Moreover the keyboard, thanks to the Lockin function, lock itself in contact with an object such as a folder. Therefore it can stay on the middle of your desk with paper on it. The volume of the tone Is adjustable just like the touch sensitivity. Function key are in direct acces.




Aseptic keyboards by Tactys 

As the pioneer of the medical touch-sensitive keyboard, TACTYS supplies a full range of products that combines innovation, hygiene and design. The surface made of toughened glass can be cleaned with a single wipe, thus saving time and ensuring sterile quality. In fact the technology supports comfortable rapid keystrokes without pressing.



The conventional computer keyboard is one of the main homes for germs. They grow and can move on to user of device. The infection can pass easily from person to person.

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Glass vs silicone,
the competition...

Silicon keyboard are difficult to clean. Compared with silicon, the glass is the best solution to achieve optimal disinfection because of its smooth surface. According to the « Sinner Circle »...

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Research by laboratoire

The department specialising in hospital hygiene at the french laboratoire Pasteur in Lille conducted a study demonstrating the usefulness of Tactys keyboards in the fight against infections compared with the usefulness of keyboards made of silicone.

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Your benefits



Our expertise

As the pioneer of the medical touch-sensitive keyboard, Tactys experiences is a guarantee of quality for all clients.





You can now customized your keyboard. It is indeed possible, from a simple logo implentation to a all new keyboard design (dimension, key numbers, and custom functions).



Our manufacturing Quality

Our keyboard are developed and built in France by our engineering team. Quality of our product is set by our thousands satisfied clients whom recommend our keyboards. They are guaranteed for two years.



Our customer support

Our team is at your disposal to answer your questions by mail.




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